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 Document Management Solution
        Never Loose Another Drawing Again!       

WideCom Scanners with Metaclic Software from Metaclic Provide A Complete Document Management Solution
MetaClic is a revolutionary software that can be used as a file management system, a database system, and a way to manage your contacts and URLs




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Advantages of MetaClic over a conventional File Management system.

MetaClic is visual, where the Windows Explorer is based on text attributes.

No need to remember the name of a file just one or more of its attributes.

Easy to save many files with same attributes, but different version numbers

When you're trying to save a file, everything that you relate with that file is active in your mind and you are able to see those things as icons on your screen.

When you are retreiving a file or data, the images or icons trigger your memory by seeing items related to the file.

Different types of queries can be performed to find a file.

Can’t make a mistake because of a typo.

A unique way to find a file using icons as attributes.

Easy visual interaction by just seeing different icons on the desktop window in different group windows.

Very easy to use and minimal practice required before optimal performance is reached.

The unique WYSIWYG approach to queries in MetaClic

Easy to use wizards and templates to get you started in no time!

Different options to invoke MetaClic, through ODMA, Monitor Mode or Stand Alone

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