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OEM Scan Head

Brampton, Ontario, Canada May 19th, 1999 …… The WIDECOM GROUP INC. (NASDAQ: WIDE, WIDW) (BSE: WDE, WDEW) today announced the completion of a 12” wide scan-head for an OEM manufacturer of high-speed departmental scanners. Departmental scanners are used to automate forms processing, such as health claims, credit applications and bank checks. The 12” wide OEM scan-head uses WideCom’s proprietary Contact-Array-Sensor technology, also used in WideCom’s large-format scanners.




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The use of the 12” scan-head by an OEM manufacturer is the first use of WideCom’s technology in an industry outside its traditional wide-format markets. This scan head uses enhanced fiber optic lenses to direct light onto a single line of contact scan chips along a 12” aperture forming the Single Line Contact (SLC) scan module

 “The reason for our low manufacturing costs is that we have developed component-level technology for the scan-heads used in our large-format scanners, and for the print heads used in our large-format printers and copiers. We have decided to take advantage of our core competencies by offering products or components to other manufacturers based on such technology.” Said Raja S. Tuli, President and CEO of the WideCom Group Inc. “We expect to start generating revenue from this product in the current quarter.”

WideCom, incorporated in 1990, is rapidly becoming one of world's leading suppliers of high performance, wide-format scanning and printing technology. WideCom markets its products and technologies through international distributors and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) across six continents. WideCom's corporate headquarters is located near Toronto; its advanced research subsidiary, Technologie NovImage, Inc., is located in Montreal. WideCom has sales & service offices throughout the world including Houston, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Toronto.


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