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Plotters have been use for many years, and these specialty printers are still Plotters are the perfect tool for producing precise output

The WC936 Copier/Printer is a multifunction scanner, convenience copier and CAD printer. Offering a Superior Total Cost Of Ownership with no-click-charge and a lower annual maintenance cost. Superior reliability, superior print quality and a superior duty cycle. The WC936 C/P is the first digital copier at an analog price.

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The WC936 Copier/Printer is intended to be a casual walk-up wide-format copier and CAD plotter.
A key typical customer segment is a small-to-medium technical business (Architect, Civil Engineering & Construction segment) where the convenience of a combined copier/plotter is desired but has not been available or justifiable in terms of price, functionality or footprint.

A second targeted customer segment is a department or project team within a larger firm that has a desire and need to have a copying / plotting capability within their work environment but have had to use a centralized resource.

The product is intended for decentralized work environments; not centralized work environments, such as service bureaus or centralized engineering reproduction departments (ERDs) where most digital copier/printers, have been positioned to date. The targeted segments are expected on average to produce 500 E(A0)-size prints per month.

Key features incorporated into the WC936 Copier/Printer to address these targeted segments are:

Modular Design—Add components as you need them. Lowers the buy-in point.

Software Factoring -- Fully functional and configurable software that features reduction/enlargement, multiple copies, collation, plotting, and scan-to-file. The software factoring enables the cost-concerned customer to buy the specific functionality they need and add capability over time at reasonable price levels.

Compact Footprint—With the scanner able to be mounted on top of the printer (unlike most other digital copier/printers), it has the compactness desired for small technical offices. The WC936C/P also incorporates integrated original and copy catch trays within the profile of the system. This results is a footprint, including service access, of 34 square feet versus the 84 square feet (not including the original catch tray) required of the next least costly digital copier/printer.

Reliable Technology—fewer electro-mechanical sub-systems to break enables savings in cost of maintenance and minimizes frustrating downtime for technical professionals up against a deadline.

Fast First Copy Output Time (FCOT) – The typical run-length (number of copies from a single original) for decentralized walk-up copiers is 1. This means the FCOT is an extremely customer-sensitive issue. Our concurrent scan/print results in the fast FCOT (27 seconds for an E(A0)-size print/ 15 seconds for a D(A1)-size print). Competitors require the document to be completely scanned before beginning the print process—at least doubling the FCOT delay for the customer.

Standard Plot Media – The WC936 C/P can print onto Océ 24lb Premium Bond, Xerox LX and Smooth Series Bond as well as WideCom Bond. These Océ and Xerox medias are sold in 50-yard lengths with 2" cores—typical specifications of most media used by customers on their CAD plotters today. The WideCom media has a 2" core and 350 feet of media. The system can also print onto polyester film. Widecom is continually developing the ability to print on the a host of different types of media. Please call us to see if we have what you need.

Single Color Printing – The WC936Copier/Printer can print using a variety of ribbon colors. This is a particularly attractive feature for the architectural segment that like blue prints and will become an important capability as we expand into the sign-creation market segment. Ribbons are 350 feet in length to match WideCom’s standard bond media length.

Superior Print Quality – The WC936 C/P delivers dark solid areas and crisp line edges at 400 dpi. Long prints maintain consistent print quality over the entire length, unlike xerographic printers that are subject to toner/developer depletion and fuser temperature fall-off. To maintain this level of print quality requires the cleaning of the print head once every time the paper is changed (takes about 5 minutes). To maintain consistent print quality from xerographic-based printers requires a trained service technician 2-4 hours—and that technician may not get there the same day you call for service.

File Formats - When accompanied by our optional Plotting Utility, the WC936 is capable of printing over 140 popular formats including HPGL 1, HPGL 2, Postscript 1, Postscript 2, CALS 906/907 and a host of others.


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  Featuring High-Speed Scanning, Delivering High-Quality Images  
Imaging Technology Transfer Imaging; TTR
  Warm-up Time Instant On    
  Speed: 2 inches per second(Regular)
4 inches per second (Turbo)
  Prints per Minute 2 E/A0 size prints per minute (Regular)
8 D-size prints per minute (Turbo)
  Resolution 400 dpi    
  First Copy Output Time  16 seconds    
  Concurrent Scan/Print Yes    
  Reduction/Enlargement 25 - 400%
Multiple Prints up to 99
  Scan-to-File Yes
document viewer + markup
  Collated Sets Yes    
  Maximum Output Size 36" x 325'    
  Media Options 20 lb & 50lb Bond, Polyester Film, various others    
  Media Supply Single Roll    
  Media Cutter Automatic after each plot    
  Dimensions (h x w x d) 49" x 53" x 17"    
  Weight ~560 lbs    
  Electrical Requirements 110-230 VAC, 50/60 hz    
  Certification FCC Class A, CE    
  Drivers Microsoft Windows95 driver    
  Network Connectivity Compatible w/ Windows95 & NT    
  File Formats Over 140 formats (HPGL 1 & 2, Postscript 1 & 2, Cals 906/907)    
  Multiple Roll Widths 24" to 36"    
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