WIDECOM ,scanners, Large Format Scanner , Wide Format Scanners, Large format scanner , Wide Format Scanner, Engineering Scanner, s Wide formate of A0 Size scanner and illumination system which excludes ultraviolet light, the most sensitive Scanning materials, measuring up to 1240 mm x 870 mm can be digitized. A0 size scanner has acquired to a large format scanner, capable of scanning documents up to A0 size. A0 size scanner is proving with students for scanning architect’s drawings and maps. A0 size scanner is provided on a DIY basis and is free to use. Widecom Provide a Scanners, Wide Format Scanners, Sheet-Fed Scanners, Scanner Accessories, Flatbed Scanners, High Speed Scanners
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  All digital copier machines come with network print facility and most All digital colour copiers are fully compatible for network printing
A0 Size scanner is dedicated to digitizing large formats and bound documents, in color and gray scale.A0 scanner benefits from the advantages of the existing Suprascan range, including high productivity, exceptional image quality and is capable of digitizing DIN A0/E formats and beyond, up to 870 mm. Other maps are scanned with A0 scanner and on screen.A0 scanner range accepts documents up to 42” wide and has an imaging width of 40. Large Format Scanners provides detailed information on The Large Format Scanners, Large Format Scanners is affiliated with Home Theater Projector Screens

Wide format scanner finally realizes that the future is digital printing and digital storage. If you see any lights the wide format scanner is on, you should check the control panel on the right side of the wide format scanner. When you see a red light at the top of the control panel, press the button beside it. This means that the wide format scanner is on but is idle. Plotters have been use for many years, and these specialty printers are still Plotters are the perfect tool for producing precise output

The WIDECOM Group Inc. designs, manufactures and markets, high-speed, high performance, wide-format scanners, printers and digital copiers. WIDECOM has created an industry standard for innovative, wide-format document scanning, printing and copying. Our vision is to maintain being the world’s most successful manufacturer of Single Line Contact - SLC scanning equipment for handling wide-format documents




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  A scanner is a device that optically scans images and printed text. Scanner is used for searching and receiving radio broadcasts. Image scanner which digitizes a two dimensional image. 3D which digitizes the three dimensional shape of a real object. Large format scanners scalable to need and scanner that works with PC and printer from Xerox. Large format scanners are available in a wide range of prices from very low to very high, depending on the speed, resolution, format width, and quality and imaging technology. Automated CD Copiers provide hands-free operation and are available CD copiers are actually Combination of many CD copiers The SLC series scanners are the efficient and premier solution for wide format scanning in a service house environment because of it's dual functionality

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    Color scanners are much more expensive than white and black scanners. Color Scanners handle both high speed full color and monochrome scanning for businesses in large format printing environments. Color Scanners provide users with great image quality at rapid scanning speeds of 12 inches per second. Color copiers are digital function like computer scanner attached to Standard features a digital color copiers in general The WC936 Copier is a multifunction scanner, convenience copier and
CAD printer
The WC936 C/P is the
first digital copier at an analog price
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Engineering scanner can reproduce full size copies of architectural and engineering designs. Engineering scanner is a high scanner with a unique drop feeder. Engineering scanner is used for searching and receiving radio broadcasts. Large format scanners are commercially available a wide range and prices from very low Cast and Used  for large format scanners good quality WIDECOM's SLC Java Scan A Platform Independent Scanner derivers And Web-based Document Distribution software Monochrome scanners are a range of highly advanced wide format image capture devices designed to make precise information capture a fast, streamed process regardless of original quality. Monochrome scanners are widely used at present time. widecom a range from laser color copiers to large format inkjet printers laminating and mounting machines WIDECOM's SLC Series scanner
uses Straight light path as the
data is captured using strip
of fiber optical lens.

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