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 JAVA SCAN Scan Software
For Platform Independent Scanner Drivers and Web Document Distribution
    Have a look on java.sun.com
Tuesday, May 11, 1999




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The WIDECOM GROUP INC. (NASDAQ: WIDE - news, WIDW - news; BSE: WDE, WDEW) today announced the introduction of SLC-Java-Scan software, a platform independent scanner driver and a method of web document distribution. Large format scanning has generally been priced at a high premium for Macintosh, Unix and other non-Windows platforms. Distribution of large-format documents across the Internet by e-mail has proved unacceptable to most users, due to security issues and large file sizes. WideCom's new SLC-Java-Scan software offers the industry's first Platform Independent Scanner Driver that also allows the secure distribution of large-format documents across the Internet.

Using the Java programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, SLC-Java-Scan allows users to scan large format documents from a PC, a Macintosh computer, Unix work stations, a network computer, or even new technologies like Internet screen phones or TV set-top boxes. Sun has created Java as a new way of computing, based on the idea that the same software should run on many different kinds of computers, consumer gadgets, and other devices. At a price of $ 2,950 for the SLC-Java-Scan and pre-configured dedicated controller loaded with Web server software, and an entry level WideCom scanner for under $ 7,000, this solution allows customers to scan large-format documents from any platform for under $ 10,000.

"Not only does this make the scanner platform-independent, SLC-Java-Scan also allows a user in one corner of the world to have instant secure access to a document by remotely operating a scanner in another corner of the world.'' said Raja S. Tuli, President of the WideCom Group Inc. "This new product makes WideCom the first manufacturer of internet-ready large-format scanners.''

WideCom's large-format monochrome and color scanners address the needs of Graphic Arts, GIS, EDMS and Reprographics customers.

WideCom, incorporated in 1990, is rapidly becoming one of the world's leading suppliers of high performance, wide-format scanning and printing technology. WideCom markets its products and technologies through international distributors and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) across six continents. WideCom's corporate headquarters are located near Toronto; its advanced research affiliate, Technologie NovImage, Inc., is located in Montreal. WideCom has sales & service offices throughout the world including Houston, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Toronto.

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