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Large Format Mono Scanners provides detailed information on The Large Format Scanners, Large Format Scanners is affiliated with Home Theater Projector Screens

The preferred choice of service houses, with the ease of usage for any user, it incorporates industry leading edge Widecom technology sought after by all our competitors. The industry standard for all new scanners, WideCom's single line contact scanning technology has been proven over and over again over the last 5 years. It replaces out-of-date multiple camera type systems developed in the 1970s. The SLC technology provides superior reliability and error-free scans, for a real environment scanner. It's fiber optic selfoc lens array provides high accuracy and distortion free scans, compared to image problems created by folded path antiquated lens systems, still used by some of our competitors.
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Monochrome - Grayscale - up to 9600 DPI on all SLC Series Scanners

Capture Superior Grayscale & Monochrome Digital Images at High Speeds! The SLC Series can scan grayscale and monochrome at an impressive 2 inches per second, while the SLC1036+ is the world's fastest large-format scanner at 4 inches per second (400 dpi)!

Now scan documents up to a 0.6 inch thick at astonishing speeds! Items such as foamboards, artwork, and other unusually thick documents can be digitally saved.

Using WIDECOM's print driver, you can now plot directly to your favorite inkjet plotter for color and monochrome copying!

Using WIDECOM's advanced filters such as despeckle, deskew, diffuse, sharpen, smooth, individual RGB adjustment, & Gamma Correction!

Compatibility with a wide range of color & monochrome applications is key to delivering value. And with WIDECOM, you will have the highest number of third party software solutions no matter what your application!

High Speed SCSI Interface!

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  Featuring High-Speed Scanning, Delivering High-Quality Images  
Scan Area: 36” , 41" ,54" and 72" wide by any manageable length
  Gray Scale : 256 True Tones 8 Bits    
  Thickness: Documents up to a 0.6" (15 mm)    
  Resolution: True Optical 400x400 dpi    
  Scaled Selectable from 5 to 9600 dpi    
   Speed: Model SLC 1036+,1041+,1054+,1072+ Mono : 8/4 inches per second at 200/400 dpi
Gray : 8/4 inches per second at 200/400 dpi
  Model SLC
Mono : 4/2 inches per second at 200/400 dpi
Gray : 4/2 inches per second at 200/400 dpi
  Interface: SCSI    
  Open File formats: AFX, AT&T G4, Brook Trout, CALS, CIF, Clip Board, DICOM, Flash Pix, GEM ING, Halo Cut, IBM IOCA, IBM MO:DCA, IFF ILBM, Imnet, JPEG, Kofax, Laser View, Mac Paint, Mac Pict, Meta File, MS Paint, Multipage PCX, NCR, PBM, PCT, PCX, PGM, Photo CD, Photoshop, PNG, Postscript, PPM, Silicon Graphics, Story Board, Sun Raster, Targa, TIFF, Windows Bitmap, Windows DIB, Windows RLEi    
  B&W Save As Formats: PNG, BMP, Brook Trout G3 - G3 2D, CALS, Clip Board, Postscript, IBM IOCA G3, IBM IOCA G4, IBM MMR,Imnet, PCX, Mac Pict, PBM Raw, Sun Raster, TIFF
Uncompressed, TIFF G3, TIFF G3 2D, TIFF G4, TIFF Huffman, TIFF Packed, Meta File, X Bitmap, X Pixmap, X Window Dump
  Batch Scanning: Yes    
  Dimensions: 8” x 15” x 53” (36" scanner)
8” x 15” x 59” (41" scanner)
8” x 15” x 75” (54" scanner)
8” x 15” x 94” (72" scanner)
  Weight: 132 lbs. (36" scanner),151 lbs. (41" scanner)
198 lbs. (54" scanner),264 lbs. (72" scanner)
  Power: 110/220 volts; 50/60Hz    
  Options: Stand with integrated catch tray, with caster    
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