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 Advantages Of  SLC Technology
The SLC SERIES wide format scanners are designed to scan in black and white, grayscale or in color. The SLC SERIES uses three light sources to sense the three different base colors: red, green and blue (RGB).  By sensing the intensity of reflected light for each color the hardware converts the light into digital RGB values. The Widecom SLC Series scanner uses straight light path as the data is captured using strip of fiber optical lens. The image is always under perfect focus. The light path is straight.




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The WideCom SLC SERIES table top Single Line Contact Scanner has 400 dpi resolution in single pass scanning with full 24 bit color mode allowing 16.8 million colors.  New innovations like WideCom’s proprietary thresholding technology and automatic contrast level selection have been incorporated.  Hence the scanned images are of very high quality.

The SLC SERIES Scanners have the fastest speed in the wide format segment.  Scanning of an AO/E (36 inch x 44 inches) black and white document from start of scan to TIFF binary compressed file on disk takes just 20 seconds in fine mode (400x400dpi).  In color mode it takes 2.5 inch per second at 100 dpi.  Its automatic paper sensing and feed control makes its operation very simple.

The Scanner has modular construction that makes it a heavy duty, highly reliable machine.  It requires very little maintenance and skill to operate and can input hundreds of monochrome and color documents daily.

Since, CCD Cameras are aligned precisely during manufacturing subsequent field adjustment can never be same as the original settings in case of misalignment.

SLC Scanner is more reliable and does not require frequent adjustment as compared to CCD scanner. CCD cameras require periodic realignment to maintain quality and are sensitive to jarring

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